Monday, July 12, 2010

What's the Deal with Rehab?

So most chiropractors offices make you wait until the secretary puts you back in a small room with an adjusting bench. the doc comes in and pushes on all the tight spots until something "pops". Then you leave. Sounds wonderful right?

The idea of just getting adjusted and not doing rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles is so antiquated that it really amazes me that anyone still gets away with it.

If you want the spine to line up and stay lined up then a proper combination of adjusting and rehabilitation must take place. There are lots of types of rehab so the thing to understand is that the rehab we do in the office is for postural muscles.

Postural muscles respond to direct nerve stimulus with the Pettibon Weighting System and the Linked Exercise Trainer. Postural muscles just don't respond in the gym the way phasic muscles do.  Postural muscles need isometric exercises.

The idea of just doing rehab doesn't cut the mustard either. If the joint is not moving properly then all the time spent making the muscle pull on the spine won't move the spine an inch. The combo of adjusting plus rehab is really what it takes to get the job done.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Healthy Now a Mental Disorder

Yes, sadly enough there are psychiatrists who now say that if you refuse to eat sugar, wheat, gluten, or some other known allergen foods or if you avoid herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals that you have a mental disorder. Did you get that?

If you eat healthy, organic food (no pesticide, herbicide, or chemical) you have a mental disorder.

You have to wonder if they really think that or if there is a new drug that isn't being used and someone came up with this hair-brained "disease" to justify prescribing it. (If you think that doesn't happen- look up Ritalin.) 

The claim is that you will somehow become malnourished if you eat this way. The assumption is that the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is somehow better for you. This is the epitome of illogical.

So, if wanting to be healthy is now a disease- I will wear that badge with honor. Anyone care to join me?